Day: May 21, 2019


My Painful Experience With Gout

I remember my first bout with gout all too well. It was a couple years ago and I woke up with my right foot very painful to touch, especially the part to the left of my big toe. It was painful to touch and had a slight (and sometimes more than slight) burning sensation, all of which I never felt before, but since I never had it before, I had no idea it was gout. I just thought I injured myself.

I tried putting ice on my foot, I even tried wrapping it, but nothing helped, and the pain was so intense by then that it hurt to have anything touch it, and putting a sock and or shoe on it is out of the question all together. I ended up going to the local emergency room, who went on to misdiagnose it as a “foot sprain” and gave me a walking boot to wear until my foot healed. After about five days of pain, it finally returned to normal, and I believed it was really just a sprain like the doctor advised.

A month later, I woke up with the same pain. I was really wondering to myself how did I injure the same foot in exactly the same way, especially when I don’t remember inuring it in the first place. At that point I was just thankful I already had the walking boot so I could go places without trying to put the painful shoe on my foot. After a couple days of pain, I went to a different emergency room who diagnosed me with gout. They could have given me an anti-inflammatory medicine, but I opted to just wait it out since I was already on day two of a usual four or five days that it lasts.

The doctor did tell me what usually causes a gout flare-up. The main cause is a high Uric Acid count, and the causes include drinking alcohol, which makes sense since my first two outbreaks were the day after I drank alcohol. Other causes include eating red meat, and genetics …

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