Day: July 23, 2019


Bowling Shouldn’t be Painful: How to Prevent Cramping

Anyone who has ever participated in Bowling knows that it is not a hobby or recreational activity, it is a sport. The unique motion of rolling a Bowling Ball utilizes just about every Muscle Group in the Body, not to mention the dexterity and physical strength required. There is a certain amount of pain involved resulting from occasional thumb blisters to possible slipping on an over oiled approach area. Usually these injuries are minor, short in duration, and can be remedied with a few over the counter pain relievers.

The most aggravating and painful situation to endure while Bowling is a case of Muscle Cramps. These most often occur in the lower back and legs given the types of motions required, and are increased in intensity due to resistance represented in the Bowling Ball weight. Bending and stretching fully extended with a 16 pound ball can be problematic for an individual in less than perfect physical condition. Luckily, there are a few simple steps to help prevent cramping while Bowling, and they are easy to follow.

Start with a relatively easy stretching and bending regime, knee bends, leg extensions, back stretches, and back twists side to side get the blood flowing. You don’t need to go overboard with these, maybe 1 minute on the leg exercises and 1 minute on the back exercises. Follow that up with a little “Shadow Bowling” 
pretend you are Bowling only do it without a Bowling Ball. This will limber up your body without the system shock of throwing a ball. Take a few practice frames throwing the ball at two-thirds speed. A good analogy would be to compare Bowling to any other athletic endeavor requiring a warm up for peak performance.

Since many Bowlers are engaged in Bowling Leagues designed for social recreation, the opportunity exists for the consumption of Alcoholic beverages while Bowling. This is a bad idea on many levels, but especially because Alcohol dehydrates the Body and can cause cramps to occur. A much better approach would be to consume sports nutrition drinks loaded with electrolytes, to replace the ones you …

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