Day: August 16, 2019


Draining the Painful Tooth Abscess

Proper treatment of a painful tooth abscess may speed the recovery. A painful tooth abscess may spread to the cheeks and other areas of the face causing severe pain. Additionally, a tooth abscess may cause death in rare cases if not treated properly and promptly.

The Dentist can help you over the phone: Call your dentist immediately for antibiotics. Your dentist will want to see you when the office opens but if your abscess begins at night or on a weekend when the dentist doesn’t have office hours, call your dentist at home. Don’t worry that you are interrupting his/her weekend or sleep. The dentist knows the faster you get antibiotics into your system, the faster the recovery. The dentist will still want to see you when the office opens. In some cases, the dentist may tell you to seek emergency medical help at the hospital. The dentist may send you to the emergency room if you have a tooth abscess with a fever, swelling and severe pain.

Vitamins can help treat a tooth abscess: At the first sign of a tooth abscess, take vitamin C, Zinc and vitamin D. Do not over does on these as they may have unwanted side effects of their own. Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D have properties that fight infections.

Garlic for a tooth abscess: Garlic contains acillin, a powerful natural infection and bacteria fighter. Take a slice of a garlic clove and keep it on your tooth and gum where you feel the most pain. Leave it there for 5 minutes. Freshly sliced garlic will be spicy hot and may burn. If its too uncomfortable for you, stop immediately. Garlic pills may be ingested as well to fight infection. Follow the directions on the garlic pill bottle for direction on dosage.

Saltwater rinses for a tooth abscess: Salt water rinses may help ease the pain and help drain some of the puss from the abscess. Mix sea salt with warm water and rinse every 4 hours. Don’t over do the salter water rinse for a tooth abscess. You may damage some of the delicate …

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