Day: January 2, 2020


How Lacrosse Saved Me from Another Painful Year of Youth Baseball

Hey baseball parents! Are you tired of sitting on those cold aluminum bleachers in February and March while waiting for your child to get up to bat? Does the thought of sweating for two hours in the hot summer sun while waiting for the ball to get hit to your child sound unbearable? Are you concerned that your ballplayer did not move enough during the entire six inning game to compensate for the calories in the hot dog and snow cone he got from the snack shack after the game? If you are like me, the answer to each of these questions is an emphatic yes.

Let me first tell you that I actually love the game of baseball. I played it as a kid and was fortunate enough to play in high school. While I was not good enough to play beyond high school, the passion for the game never went away after I stopped playing. That is, of course, until I became a parent and had to sit through two seasons of youth baseball. It left me thinking: Was it really that awful when I was a kid? If so, then why didn’t my parent’s tell me how painful it was?

For the sake of my son, I was prepared to fight through the dread of another boring year of youth baseball. To add to my misery, I was even willing to coach and put myself in charge of eleven other kids who’d rather be playing video games than baseball. Thankfully, however, a chance opportunity for my son to learn about the game of lacrosse set me free. After attending a clinic put on by the local lacrosse club, my son was hooked and, after learning that the season is played at the same time as baseball, I suddenly took a liking to it as well. We decided to give it a try and, after that first season, never even considered going back to baseball.

Unlike baseball, lacrosse is a sport of constant motion. Most of the players on the field are required to play both offense …

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