Month: September 2020


Glucosmine to Treat Knee Pain in Little League Baseball Players

Joint pain is a common complaint among baseball players, especially among children who are starting their new Little League Baseball playtime. If your child is playing baseball, and is beginning to complain of pain in the elbows or knees, it may be prudent to speak with a pediatrician about the use of natural supplements to ease joint complications.

Sports injuries in children are very common and while Little League baseball is relatively safe, there are some times when your child may experience joint complications. For children who are pitching in baseball or children who are playing catcher, the risks or joint pain are far more common and should be prevented as much as they are treated by the use of natural home therapy.

Typical treatment of joint pain at home will often be recommended by your child’s pediatrician and will include the use of ibuprofen along with a combination of heat and ice packs. But, in some children, the use of other supplements may be necessary. Glucosamine, a common natural supplement used to treat joint complications in older adults, especially those with osteoarthritis, may be recommended for use in your child. As a supplement that helps to rejuvenate health bone and joint growth, children who are not responding to traditional home treatments of joint pain may do well with supplements of glucosamine.

Glucosamine, for use in children, is not a standard recommendation by physicians and, as a result, should not be given to your child unless a pediatrician has approved such use. If your child is playing Little League baseball, it is always recommended that you seek out the advice of a pediatrician before allowing your child to play as you will want to be sure your child is physically capable of handling the mobility and joint stress of the baseball game.

For most children, playing baseball is relatively injury free and fun. For some children, however, the complications with joint pain can be complex and, when not treated successfully with home therapy, a sports specialist may recommend other supplements. Ask about the use of glucosamine in your Little League …

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