Day: October 11, 2020


Patellofemoral Pain & the Effectiveness of Acupuncture

Knee pain, of any type, can have adverse complications from not only a medical standpoint but also in the quality of life from the person who suffers from the condition. For many knee pain sufferers, the complications of knee pain radiate pain into the upper part of the leg, resulting in the development of a condition known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. If you are suffering from this chronic pain complication in the knee and leg, you may want to consider some forms of alternative healing.

For many types of radiating pain, the complications of pain are often associated with nerve damage to the original location of injury. For individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome, the complications of chronic and recurring pain are typically associated with nerve damage in and around the knee cap. To alleviate this pain, many patellofemoral pain sufferers are utilizing acupuncture.

Acupuncture has long been a common alternative form of healing in the United States and has been found to be a great way to supplement traditional medicine. For individuals who suffer from chronic knee pain, associated with patellofemoral pain syndrome, the use of acupuncture has been successful but should be considered as a short-term form of therapy. If you are suffering with recurring pain, and you need added supplementation beyond medications and home therapy, then acupuncture may provide the added benefit you need to improve your overall mobility.

In the long term, individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome, typically do not become pain free utilizing acupuncture. In fact, even after using acupuncture aggressively, and becoming pain free, most patellofemoral pain syndrome patients find they are suffering from the same degree of pain within 12 months after acupuncture. Therefore, while acupuncture can provide some degree of relief, it is not designed to be a long term cure for pain associated with patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Knee pain of any type can be alleviated with alternative medicine and for many individuals this form of treatment is quite effective. If you suffer from patellofemoral pain syndrome, acupuncture will not cure or provide long term relief but it will help to alleviate pain …

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