How I Dissolved Painful Gallstones With Herbs and Alternative Treatments

HavingĀ GallstonesĀ can be a very painful experience. I would even say the pain was worse for me than that of childbirth, and I have had four children. I suffered for several weeks with this condition before finding an adequate herbal treatment.

I was in such pain, I did something I would normally never do. I took an herbal combination my mother was kind enough to pick up for me at the local health store. I usually never take herbs in combination without first trying each of the individual herbs to be sure I do not have an allergic reaction to any one of them.

This is how I always recommend people deal with herbs, but at this point, I was in severe pain, and did not want to undergo surgery. This combination came highly recommended by the herbalist at the health store, so I took my chances for once.

I do not even remember all the herbs it contain, but I do know that Gentian and Milk Thistle were among them. These were the herbs I had initially asked my mother to find for me, and I knew I was not allergic to them at least. The combo was probably one similar to herbal cleansers for liver and gallbladder still found today.

The method the herbalist described also involved drinking apple juice every night for a week while taking the herbal formula. This part was fine by me, because I loved apple juice. Unfortunately, I am not so fond of it now, due to the final part of the procedure, which I did not find pleasant at all, though I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I needed to.

You see, the combination of the herbs and the apple juice had broken up my gallstones in the week I had been taking it, and I felt much better already. It was still necessary to remove the broken down pieces however. This was done by drinking an 8 oz. glass filled with half apple juice and half olive oil, and thoroughly mixed together.

This was by far the nastiest concoction I had ever tasted. I barely got it all down, and as I mentioned, now have an aversion to apple juice. It was worth it however, for the next day, after sleeping on my right side as I had been instructed, I could hear the tiny bits of stone tinkle in the toilet bowl when I went to relieve my bladder.

Other than a bout of jaundice afterward, I am happy to say that I have had no more issues with my gallbladder. I am glad I decided to treat it and keep it instead of having surgery to remove it. I know many who have done this and now have many resultant problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

In my opinion, this could be a direct result of the missing gallbladder. After all, the gallbladder collects bile, and where to you suppose all that yucky green stuff goes when there is no gallbladder present to contain it?

Addition Sources : Over 20 years of personal study and experimentation in alternative medicines and treatments.

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