Pain in Finding Happiness: Trouble Brews

As with any story; there is another side, an unbelievable twist, a shocking final chapter to the story of Christy and Frank. In the last chapter Christy found at least a piece of happiness when Frank seemingly changed overnight, this installment brings that shocking twist to life.

For weeks Frank had been very close to what Christy would have called perfect. He was not drinking and was continuing to show her the attention and love she had been craving all along. Christy was so happy that she didn’t know what to think about everything that had transpired; all she knew was that she truly felt as though she had a partner again and she liked it.

Frank seemed at ease with their life as well; he didn’t seem to hold any resentment or anger any longer and was at least pretending to care. He had told Christy he was happy they had begun to work things out together and Christy was able to relax and try to allow Frank the room he needed to breathe. She didn’t know if Frank was truly happy or if it was all part of some sordid game but she hoped for the best. All she ever wanted, all she had asked of him he was doing and she was overwhelmed with love and pride for the strong man that she saw before her.

On the day that changed everything Frank kissed Christy and told her he loved her before she went to town, Christy was radiating happiness as she ran her errands. Only 2 hours later Christy came home wanting to share the events of the day with the man she loved. She couldn’t wait to get through the door and give him a hug, tell him she loved him, and spend a quiet evening with her husband.

She barely got to finish saying “hi baby, I missed you today!” before Frank changed the atmosphere from Happy to see you to complete confusion. The only thing he could say to her was that he didn’t care about her day and he was going to leave. Christy was in shock wondering what had happened, what changed in their home in such a short time?

This man scowling at her was not the Frank she fell in love with, nor was he the Frank she had kissed this morning. This was the same Frank she had seen so many times before when he was drinking heavily, she had not missed this man.

Christy made the decision in her mind to let him leave without questioning him or badgering him, she figured he just needed some time away to clear his head. It upset her that he didn’t want to talk to her, or let her help him through whatever he was dealing with but she knew that sometimes he just needed to be alone.

After Frank left Christy spent the entire day wondering how he was, hoping he would be ok. When he returned home at 11:00pm he was very much the old Frank, and his actions would alter the course of their lives forever.

If you are just joining us in this mini series please go back and read Christy’s saga from the beginning.

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