Use A Massager To Get Relief From Pain

Would it be wise to invest in an electric massager for pain removal?

Massage is good for your body as it regulates the blood circulation and has healing approaches. The practice of kneading and rubbing the body with the hand or an electronic massager can do wonders on the pain areas of your body parts. It helps to release muscle knots and brings in full relaxation to the human body. There are different techniques used so that you can get the maximum benefit from it and can relieve you from pain. For the human hand massage, you would require a therapist who may not be available all the time. This is where an electronic massager comes handy when you desperately need a massage to eradicate your pain.

Benefits of an electronic massager

A massage has many benefits which include rejuvenation of your body and good night’s sleep. You are sure to gain the below-mentioned advantages when you buy the massager.

  • The best therapy for muscle and joint pain – Your work profile and lifestyles are so hectic that you are prone to facing problems on different body parts. A person who is involved in a desk job faces issues on knees, shoulders, and neck. Whereas, a person who travels a lot suffer from stressed muscles, tissues, and ligaments. If you are able to get a massage done with the electric massager on your own, you can spare yourself from back pain, arthritis, spondylitis, and cold shoulder.
  • Helpful for headaches and migraines – A person who has migraines can understand the pain of severe headaches from time to time. It can occur at any point in time and is a terrible thing to bear in your body. A quick neck, face and head massage with the massager can give you instant relief. The head massage targets the brain and relaxes its nerves. The neck and face massage hits the nerves and jaw and relaxes you. You can get back to work easily without gulping any pain killer which has bad side effects.
  • Enhances digestion – You can improve upon your
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The Painful Truth: What Causes Learning Disabilities?

The exact cause for learning disabilities (LD’s) has not yet been proven, although three factors are considered to have significant effects:

Genetic Influences – there is a possibility that learning disorders are passed down from one generation to the next, as children with learning disabilities can be traced to older relatives with the same or similar symptoms.

Education, Learning Styles, Memory and Learning Difficulties Concept Vector Illustration.

Brain Development – before and after the birth of a child, there are many factors that affect brain development – positively or negatively. Low birth weight, premature birth, lack of oxygen and head injuries may hamper development significantly.

Environmental Impacts – poor nutrition and an unhealthy air or water environment may cause learning disabilities in children, whether in youth or adult life.

A child who has learning disabilities is not necessarily less competent than another who has none- intelligence is not dampened by learning disabilities. Some children with LD’s have proven to be more intelligent than their counterparts. Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and Alexander Graham bell had learning disabilities.

The most common struggles for children with LD’s are related to reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia) and mathematical (dyscalculia) ability. Learning Disabilities affect the brain’s ability to receive, process, analyze or store the information it receives. This manifests itself in different ways, but the usual result is that these children lag behind academically.

For young children with reading difficulties, it is helpful to teach them to associate pictures with words and sounds. This can be done while storytelling, shopping, or when walking past signs (exit, entrance, walk, don’t walk, etc.). Action pictures can be discussed and studied with the child, to encourage him or her to put observations to intelligible words.

Some children with LD’s are placed in Special Education, where their learning needs are met more accurately, and they have higher chances of succeeding with their studies. Children in Special Education may feel isolated from or inferior to their peers, even if they are capable of thinking intelligently. They find solace in after-school activities such as sports, where there is no academic grade to …

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The Truth About Painful Periods

I have personally met lots of ladies complaining about experiencing painful monthly periods, most of the women say that this occurs during the first day and they usually wonder is this normal? A misconception about this condition is that ladies who experience painful periods are likely to be barren. So what is the truth about painful periods?

Painful periods are a common complaint especially among young women. The problem usually starts 2 -3 years after the first menses, and may persist till marriage and childbirth or with use of oral contraceptive pills. In such a setting id is referred to as primary dysmenorrhea, since the cause is unknown. It is thought to be related to hormonal influences as it coincides with onset of ovulatory periods (in the initial 2-3 instances of menstruation there may be no ovulation). If the pain stops with the use of contraceptive pills that suppress ovulation, then this suggests the cause was hormonal. In its primary form dysmenorohoea is not associated with infertility. What your peers tell you is related to a similar situation occurring under different circumstances.

Pain typically starts 16-12 hours before the onset of menstrual flow and subsides once the flow is fully established. The condition is common and a strong psychic influence with positive outlook helps many to cope. However, if the condition disrupts normal activity, the use of the non steroidal anti inflammatory analgesics (including the ubiquitous aspirin) and a drug to relieve the spasms (such as buscopan) helps to improve the symptoms.

Secondary dysmenorohoea occurs in a person with a background of pelvic inflammatory disease, where the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus may have a smoldering low grade infection. This type is often seen in sexually experienced individuals who have had normal periods before developing dysmenorohoea . The pain characteristics are just the same except that in secondary dysmenorohoea the pain tends to be persistent and may be accompanied by low grade fever, lower abdominal discomfort and low backache pains. In the primary form the pains tend to be colicky (coming in spasms) forcing you to literally double up.

In …

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My Painful Experience With Gout

I remember my first bout with gout all too well. It was a couple years ago and I woke up with my right foot very painful to touch, especially the part to the left of my big toe. It was painful to touch and had a slight (and sometimes more than slight) burning sensation, all of which I never felt before, but since I never had it before, I had no idea it was gout. I just thought I injured myself.

I tried putting ice on my foot, I even tried wrapping it, but nothing helped, and the pain was so intense by then that it hurt to have anything touch it, and putting a sock and or shoe on it is out of the question all together. I ended up going to the local emergency room, who went on to misdiagnose it as a “foot sprain” and gave me a walking boot to wear until my foot healed. After about five days of pain, it finally returned to normal, and I believed it was really just a sprain like the doctor advised.

A month later, I woke up with the same pain. I was really wondering to myself how did I injure the same foot in exactly the same way, especially when I don’t remember inuring it in the first place. At that point I was just thankful I already had the walking boot so I could go places without trying to put the painful shoe on my foot. After a couple days of pain, I went to a different emergency room who diagnosed me with gout. They could have given me an anti-inflammatory medicine, but I opted to just wait it out since I was already on day two of a usual four or five days that it lasts.

The doctor did tell me what usually causes a gout flare-up. The main cause is a high Uric Acid count, and the causes include drinking alcohol, which makes sense since my first two outbreaks were the day after I drank alcohol. Other causes include eating red meat, and genetics …

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How I Dissolved Painful Gallstones With Herbs and Alternative Treatments

HavingĀ GallstonesĀ can be a very painful experience. I would even say the pain was worse for me than that of childbirth, and I have had four children. I suffered for several weeks with this condition before finding an adequate herbal treatment.

I was in such pain, I did something I would normally never do. I took an herbal combination my mother was kind enough to pick up for me at the local health store. I usually never take herbs in combination without first trying each of the individual herbs to be sure I do not have an allergic reaction to any one of them.

This is how I always recommend people deal with herbs, but at this point, I was in severe pain, and did not want to undergo surgery. This combination came highly recommended by the herbalist at the health store, so I took my chances for once.

I do not even remember all the herbs it contain, but I do know that Gentian and Milk Thistle were among them. These were the herbs I had initially asked my mother to find for me, and I knew I was not allergic to them at least. The combo was probably one similar to herbal cleansers for liver and gallbladder still found today.

The method the herbalist described also involved drinking apple juice every night for a week while taking the herbal formula. This part was fine by me, because I loved apple juice. Unfortunately, I am not so fond of it now, due to the final part of the procedure, which I did not find pleasant at all, though I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I needed to.

You see, the combination of the herbs and the apple juice had broken up my gallstones in the week I had been taking it, and I felt much better already. It was still necessary to remove the broken down pieces however. This was done by drinking an 8 oz. glass filled with half apple juice and half olive oil, and thoroughly mixed together.

This was by far the nastiest concoction I had ever tasted. I …

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