Use A Massager To Get Relief From Pain

Would it be wise to invest in an electric massager for pain removal?

Massage is good for your body as it regulates the blood circulation and has healing approaches. The practice of kneading and rubbing the body with the hand or an electronic massager can do wonders on the pain areas of your body parts. It helps to release muscle knots and brings in full relaxation to the human body. There are different techniques used so that you can get the maximum benefit from it and can relieve you from pain. For the human hand massage, you would require a therapist who may not be available all the time. This is where an electronic massager comes handy when you desperately need a massage to eradicate your pain.

Benefits of an electronic massager

A massage has many benefits which include rejuvenation of your body and good night’s sleep. You are sure to gain the below-mentioned advantages when you buy the massager.

  • The best therapy for muscle and joint pain – Your work profile and lifestyles are so hectic that you are prone to facing problems on different body parts. A person who is involved in a desk job faces issues on knees, shoulders, and neck. Whereas, a person who travels a lot suffer from stressed muscles, tissues, and ligaments. If you are able to get a massage done with the electric massager on your own, you can spare yourself from back pain, arthritis, spondylitis, and cold shoulder.
  • Helpful for headaches and migraines – A person who has migraines can understand the pain of severe headaches from time to time. It can occur at any point in time and is a terrible thing to bear in your body. A quick neck, face and head massage with the massager can give you instant relief. The head massage targets the brain and relaxes its nerves. The neck and face massage hits the nerves and jaw and relaxes you. You can get back to work easily without gulping any pain killer which has bad side effects.
  • Enhances digestion – You can improve upon your
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Removing a Splinter: Tips for Handling This Painful Condition and a Squirmy Kid

Splinters give me shivers. I not only cringe when remembering my painful run-ins with tiny shards, the memories of having to hold down my terrified child while I attempted to remove a splinter are ever present. But since touchy-feely kids like mine are like magnets to the slivers, it is important to know the best way to remove splinters.

Quick and easy ways to remove a splinter, (and more difficult but necessary ways)

Tape it – So much time spent trying to grab the little shards with my finger nails could have been skipped if only I knew this little trick. Next time I encounter a splinter my first line of defense will be a piece of tape. Place a small piece gently over the tip of the exposed splinter and pull off. Pull in the direction the splinter entered for best results.

Glue it – White glue is another remarkable tip. Spread a little glue over the area, let it dry and then peel off. My girlfriend said this even works well for glass shards.

Tweezers – If that fails, you will need a good pair of tweezers. Dip the tips in rubbing alcohol to sterilize and the grasp the splinter and pull. Add a magnifying glass to help you see exactly what you are grabbing and to be sure you have a solid grasp of as much of the splinter as possible.

Double team – If the splinter either breaks off completely or is entirely embedded under the skin it is time to pull out the big guns. You will need a needle, sterilized with rubbing alcohol, tweezers and a magnifying glass. If you can find another adult to help with this minor surgery that would be best for all involved. The needle is used to gently break the layer of skin that the splinter is under and then used to lift the splinter so that the tweezers can grab it.

Soak it – If your child will not let you near them in order to do any of the above techniques or if you tried and failed, …

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How Lacrosse Saved Me from Another Painful Year of Youth Baseball

Hey baseball parents! Are you tired of sitting on those cold aluminum bleachers in February and March while waiting for your child to get up to bat? Does the thought of sweating for two hours in the hot summer sun while waiting for the ball to get hit to your child sound unbearable? Are you concerned that your ballplayer did not move enough during the entire six inning game to compensate for the calories in the hot dog and snow cone he got from the snack shack after the game? If you are like me, the answer to each of these questions is an emphatic yes.

Let me first tell you that I actually love the game of baseball. I played it as a kid and was fortunate enough to play in high school. While I was not good enough to play beyond high school, the passion for the game never went away after I stopped playing. That is, of course, until I became a parent and had to sit through two seasons of youth baseball. It left me thinking: Was it really that awful when I was a kid? If so, then why didn’t my parent’s tell me how painful it was?

For the sake of my son, I was prepared to fight through the dread of another boring year of youth baseball. To add to my misery, I was even willing to coach and put myself in charge of eleven other kids who’d rather be playing video games than baseball. Thankfully, however, a chance opportunity for my son to learn about the game of lacrosse set me free. After attending a clinic put on by the local lacrosse club, my son was hooked and, after learning that the season is played at the same time as baseball, I suddenly took a liking to it as well. We decided to give it a try and, after that first season, never even considered going back to baseball.

Unlike baseball, lacrosse is a sport of constant motion. Most of the players on the field are required to play both offense …

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Relief from Painful Cold Sores

Cold sores are also called fever blisters. They are fluid-filled blisters that appear on the lips usually when you have a cold. You may not have warning symptoms, but the signs do happen in most people. You may feel a numbness, tingling or a tenderness a few hours before the blisters appear. It generally takes a couple of weeks for it to completely heal. The blisters will crust over and then dry up and will soon be gone.

Cold sores are caused by one of two closely related and contagious viruses, herpes simplex Type 1 and Type 2. The herpes virus is very common and most people become exposed to it very early in their life. The virus is believed to lie dormant until you become stressed or your body is in a state of weakened condition. The virus takes hold and a cold sore develops.

Some people may never experience one as others may suffer recurrences several times a year usually due to a weakened immune system.

Several factors can cause an outbreak. Fevers and colds cause plenty of sores but stress, some forms of dental work and weather conditions can all be factors that cause an outbreak. Some women may find an occasional outbreak during their menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

While you can’t cure cold sores, you can ease their discomfort and avoid spreading the virus to others.

Once you develop a cold sore don’t irritate it with salty, spicy or acidic foods. Stick with very bland foods.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can reduce the pain and the inflammation. Make sure the pain reliever you choose has anti-inflammatory capabilities. If you are taking other medications or have a disease or illness check with your doctor first.

You can purchase an ointment containing benzocaine. Ointments can be found in most mass-merchandisers and pharmacies.

Avoid spreading the virus. Herpes virus is highly contagious even before the blisters is noticeable. Don’t share cups, utensils, towels and makeup brushes. Avoid skin-to-skin contact, even kissing, until all blisters are completely gone.

You can reduce your chances of getting a cold sore.

Protect your lips …

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